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Connecticut K-9 jumps in car to detain burglary suspect, bodycam video shows

Edwin Beltran was arrested he was accused of burglarizing two homes.

TORRINGTON, Conn. — New body camera footage released by the Torrington Police Department exclusively to FOX61 News shows the dramatic arrest of a burglary suspect earlier this week.

Police said around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers were called to Donahue Place on the report of a man breaking into a home, stealing a television, and then running from the scene.

According to police, a woman had woken up to loud banging on what she had believed was her front door or a neighbor's door. When she got up, she noticed her television was missing from the living room and the interior and exterior doors were open.

When she got outside, police said she saw a man - later identified as 41-year-old Edwin Beltran of New London - wearing all black clothing being yelled at by a neighbor to "leave the area" and that she would call the police. Officials said it was later discovered that the suspect had tried to get into that neighbor's home as well.

Beltran was reportedly seen holding the television and asked why he had taken it. Police said he put it back down and walked away from the scene.

Around 3:30 a.m., a second complaint then came into the Torrington Police Department. They were called to Main Street on the report of a burglary in process.

The victim reported that a man wearing black pants and a dark blue jacket had entered her house and come into her room. Police said the suspect, also identified as Beltran, had asked for help. The victim reportedly told Beltran to leave, which he later did.

A short time later, Torrington Police Officer Loucks arrived at the scene on Main Street and saw a car parked in the victim's driveway.

The officer and his K9 partner, Pharaoh, approached the car and that's when the suspect began driving away toward the back of the parking lot. Police said the officer was able to see the person inside the car as it passed and noticed it matched the description of Beltran.

Beltran reportedly refused to make eye contact with the officer and revved the engine, attempting to put the car into gear.

Police said Beltan continued to ignore commands to stop the car. Another officer had arrived on the scene, walking his way up and in the path of the car, in case Beltran had gone in reverse, police said.

After several commands to stop the car, Officer. Loucks shattered the driver's side window, ordering Beltran to exit the car, and that not doing so would result in K9 Pharoah biting him.

According to police, Beltran continued to ignore commands and kept trying to put the car in gear.

K9 Pharaoh was then deployed into the vehicle and bit Beltran in the left arm.

Police said as they tried to get into the car through the passenger side, K9 Pharaoh released Beltran and Beltran reportedly stated he would comply with orders.

However, Beltran still did not get out of the car as officers ordered him. Police said they had warned Beltran that K9 Pharoah would be deployed again if he didn't comply. K9 Pharaoh was once again deployed as Beltran didn't comply, but a few moments later, they were able to gain access to the car through the driver's side door.

K9 Pharaoh was recalled from the car and Beltran then exited the vehicle and handcuffed without further incident, police said.

After the incident, first responders were called to the scene and took Beltran to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for treatment for injuries on his arm.

As the investigation continued, witnesses reconfirmed that Beltran’s appearance matched that of who had been outside the residence on Donahue Place.

Police said it was also discovered that the car Beltran was in belonged to the victim on Main Street and had taken the keys after the victim told him to get out of the house.

According to police, none of the victims or witnesses had ever seen Beltran prior to this incident.

Beltran was later charged with the following for the incident that occurred on Donahue Place:

  • Breach of Peace 2nd

  • Criminal Trespass 2nd

  • Criminal Mischief 3rd

  • Burglary 1st

  • Larceny 6th

And held on a $75,000 surety bond.

Beltran was then charged with the following for the incident that occurred on Main St.:

  • Burglary 1st degree

  • Larceny 3rd degree (theft of vehicle)

  • Interfering/ resisting with Police

  • Risk of injury to a minor (3 counts)

  • Breach of peace 2nd degree

  • Criminal trespass 2nd degree

And held on an additional $100,000 surety bond

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