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Our Audio and Video eDiscovery services model is designed to address the unique challenges posed by multimedia data in the electronic discovery process.  We have aligned our approach with the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) framework to ensure a comprehensive and structured workflow for audio and video data. 

Hear Every Detail, Uncover Every Insight. 

Audio eDiscovery Services.

As a leading provider of audio e-discovery services, Surveillance Discovery understands the importance of accurate and efficient handling of audio data in legal and investigative matters. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in litigation, regulatory compliance, internal investigations, and other legal proceedings where audio evidence is crucial.  Audio eDiscovery involves the extraction, transcription, and analysis of audio recordings, such as phone calls, voicemails, or interviews.

Reveal the Power of Visual Evidence. 

Video eDiscovery Services.

As a leading provider of video e-discovery services, our company understands the significance of accurate and comprehensive video analysis in legal and investigative matters. We specialize in assisting clients in litigation, regulatory compliance, internal investigations, and other legal proceedings where video evidence plays a crucial role.  Our Video eDiscovery focuses on the handling, review, and analysis of video recordings, including CCTV footage, body-worn camera footage, or surveillance videos.


By aligning our audio and video eDiscovery services with the EDRM framework, we provide a structured and reliable approach to managing multimedia data throughout the discovery process. Our commitment to data integrity, advanced technologies, and expertise in audio and video analysis make us a trusted partner in handling the complexities of multimedia eDiscovery.

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Our experts employ specialized techniques to collect audio and video data from various sources, including surveillance footage, body cameras, interviews, and social media platforms. We carefully handle the collection process to maintain the chain of custody and ensure the data remains untampered.  This involves extracting and preserving the relevant video footage in a forensically sound manner. 



We leverage cutting-edge technologies to process and prepare audio and video data for review and analysis. This involves converting proprietary formats into standardized formats, enhancing audio quality, and extracting relevant metadata, enabling efficient and effective data management.  Processing of the collected audio and video data to make it searchable and accessible.



We provide advanced audio and video analysis services to uncover crucial information and patterns within the data. This includes speaker identification, voice recognition, facial recognition, object tracking, and geospatial analysis. Our analytical capabilities empower legal professionals to extract meaningful insights and strengthen their case strategies.  This may include enhancing video quality, applying audio and video analytics, and conducting forensic examinations to extract relevant information. 



Our skilled team utilizes powerful review platforms tailored to audio and video data. We enable efficient and accurate review, leveraging features such as transcription tools, video annotation, and synchronized playback. Our experts assess the content for relevance, privilege, and key insights, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the multimedia evidence. Our secure and user-friendly review platform includes features such as annotation tools, tagging, redaction capabilities, and collaboration functionalities. 



We offer precise and defensible production of audio and video data in a format suitable for legal proceedings. Our production services adhere to court rules and guidelines, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and appropriate redactions while maintaining the evidentiary value of the multimedia evidence. We can assist in producing relevant audio and video data for legal proceedings or investigations.  This involves creating customized compilations of video clips, preparing evidentiary packages, and generating reports summarizing the findings. 

Data Privacy & Compliance

Given the sensitivity of surveillance and video data, Surveillance Discovery can offer expertise in data privacy and compliance.  This includes ensuring that the collection, processing, and storage of audio and video data adhere to applicable privacy regulations and standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

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