Surveillance Discovery connects the best technologies, processes, and people for the industry's most powerful, efficient, and defensible managed surveillance analysis.

Our Surveillance Analysts efficiently review and analyze data from an exploding range of sources. Data’s inherent sensitivity, including privileged and confidential information, means a robust combination of human and machine intelligence is required to enable the analysis and security.


Surveillance can be an extremely effective tool in the defense arsenal. When done appropriately, it can show a judge, jury, mediator or arbitrator insights, which words or documents alone cannot convey. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and well-done surveillance can be worth thousands of dollars.


We've become accustomed to the fact that regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. are set to protect our personally identifiable information (PII).  This includes our name, our address, our email, etc.  However, images can also be considered personal data.  Video footage or pictures of an individual captured through CCTV may be used to identify that person (directly or indirectly) and would be considered PII.


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Surveillance Discovery combines forward-thinking experts with the latest technological developments in order to deliver straightforward solutions to complex discovery challenges.  Our vision is to focus obsessively on client experience in order to innovate on their behalf and deliver something better.


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